LIFT: A clinical study success story for Lupus

In a clinical study called LIFT, more than a thousand SLE patients came together and demonstrated, for the first time, that genomic markers relevant to Lupus can be measured from home. The LIFT story demonstrated the power of patient-centric research. The LIFT study is also an important first step towards making precision medicine a reality for Lupus.

It started with a vision of a new future for SLE 

Lupus is a highly individualized disease, so treatments for SLE should be personalized. That’s the goal of precision medicine: the right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time. In order to make precision medicine a reality, we need easy, reliable ways to monitor every patient’s unique disease signature. In other words, we need precision medicine tests for Lupus.

What we learned about IFN-1 in LIFT

Past research has shown that IFN-1 activity is critically important for Lupus (see Meet Your Biomarkers), however IFN-1 isn’t routinely measured due to technical limitations. New genomic technologies enable cost-effective measurement, and in LIFT, we demonstrated that it can even be done robustly from home. We also showed that there were two distinct patient groups, IFN-1 normal and IFN-1 high. This had been shown before, but never using a home collection kit.

The researchers also found that the IFN-1 status differs based on factors such as race and age of diagnosis. Patients of color (African American, Hispanic and Asian) as well as patients diagnosed with SLE before their 18th birthday are more likely to exhibit high levels of IFN-1 activity. 

The next phase of patient-driven research

The LIFT trial was just the beginning. DxTerity is taking LIFT to the next level with another phase of clinical study called ELEVATE. In ELEVATE, we will look at IFN-1, but expand to survey both advanced genomic markers and simpler ways of measuring common blood proteins.

LIFT and ELEVATE are the first steps toward a future where tests from home can help you and your doctor personalize your treatment plan and adjust it with your ever-changing lifestyle.

Join ELEVATE and let’s advance SLE Precision Medicine Together.

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