Let's change the future of Lupus

Recent innovations in precision medicine have revolutionized the treatment of cancer—now is the time to apply precision medicine to the treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.

DxTerity has a proven record of providing patients access to genomic tests that accelerate discoveries in autoimmune disease treatment.  Clinical studies like ELEVATE can convince insurance companies to reimburse these tests, and pave the way for development of new treatments.

Imagine a future where you can monitor your wellbeing from home, so that you and your doctor can personalize your treatment plan. You can help create that future by participating in ELEVATE.

With ELEVATE, inspiring innovation is easy.

Qualified participants must:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Be diagnosed with SLE
  • Have access to a tablet or smartphone
  • Fill out app-based questionnaires
  • Consent to share your electronic medical records
  • Complete 4 quarterly samples from home

How it Works

Over the course of a year, you’ll submit quarterly fingerstick blood samples (similar to blood glucose tests.) We’ll also provide you with an extra collection kit if you should experience a possible disease flare-up. 

What we’ll measure and MIGHT be able to share with you:

  • IFN-1 status: high or low

What we’ll measure but can’t share:

  • 11 exploratory biomarkers

Why participate:

  • Help bring new advances to SLE treatment
  • Help develop evidence for IFN-1 and home monitoring
  • Help develop evidence that leads to insurance reimbursement (no insurance claims will be submitted during the study)

Your privacy is our priority

Your data is transformative

Sharing your biomarker levels and talking about your symptoms helps us understand your disease experience. In clinical studies thousands of people come together to share their data. That data drives innovation to develop new treatments and transform care.

Your data is protected

We value your information and your privacy. Your test and survey results are separated from your personal identity and analyzed anonymously. This data is secured in the GoogleHealth cloud.

Your data is anonymized

We only see the data that is detached from your identity.